Panasia (Wuhan) Food ScienceCo., Ltd. is located in Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ezhou, Hubei Province, covering an area of more than 50acres.It is a leading high-tech enterprise specializing in food taste research in China. Our company's leadership team bring extensive experience from the international flavors and fragrances industry, and have assembled a team of professional doctoral researchers.

 We are committed to providingourcustomers with comprehensive solutions in the food field, leveraging our unique expertise in molecular sensory taste.We focus onsweet modification technology, bitter masking technology, and salt reduction technology assemble with extensive analysis data, andalso obtain own core patents. In 2016years, we expanded our research efforts to include the extraction of natural plants, purification of aroma molecules, and the study of aroma molecule mechanisms.Our commitment to innovation and excellence earned us the prestigious title of a high-tech enterprise in Hubei Province in 2017.By 2018, we were recognized as the invisible champion in Hubei Province's pillar industry .Throughout our journey, to 2019 wewere awardedas a national academician and expert workstation for collaborating closely with universities. 

 Our customerscovers all food industry. Our company always follow with the spirit of "pursuing excellence in quality and making a difference in science and technology”, we strive to develop more products to meet the needs of our customers while focusing on food science and health. and also committed to our mission.

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