Panasian innovation
The cultivation of research and development talentshas always been the core competitive advantage of Panasia. We have gathered a group of professional PhD research teams and persisted in continuous research and development investment to ensure continuous product innovation.

Currently, we have 5 independent labsand 1academician station.
Panasia technology system

Technical Study System

Panasia has its own technical research department, responsible for the new technology and process transformation, such as the transformed nuts coating powder technology, which has solved the problem of traditional wrapping powder: uneven and with spileholes.


Products Development System

Panasia has advanced testing equipment for analysis, such as  gas chromatography-mass spectrometry technology, which enable us to have a more precise data during our products analysis and development.

Applied Technology

Panasia has been following the emerging market in food that are popular among young people and has done a lot of market research. Hereby we have set up “Flavored beverage center”to continuously study the market. Now we have made a remarkable achievement on this, transforming from customers observation to develop applied products, which has provided our clients a full-range products solutions.
· Workstation for academicians and experts of science and technology in Hubei Province
·  New High-Tech Enterprise in Hubei Province
· IPR Model Enterprise of Hubei Province
· Modest Champion Technology Enterprise in segment filed of pillar industry.
· the State-Level Workstation for academicians and experts of science and technology
· The third prize of China Food Industry Association Science and Technology
· Modest Champion Technology Enterprise in segment filed of pillar industry.
· Pilot and demonstration enterprises for integrating IT application with industrialization

· Honor of Outstanding Person in the 40th anniversary of Hubei Food Industry reform and Opening-up
· The third prize of Hubei  Innovation
method competition

to be a trustworthy company in food industry

We are honored
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